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January 2020 Vol. 6(1), pp. 001-013

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Original Research Paper

LGB in Iran-The Homophobic Law and Social System

Kameel Ahmady

City: Tehran/London, Country: Iran/ UK

*Corresponding Author E-mail: kameel14@hotmail.com

Accepted 10th July, 2019


Study research Forbidden Tale; A Comprehensive Study on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) in Iran (250 pages-2018) was conducted in order to analysis the existence of sexual minorities in Iran from various perspectives. Many turns were taken to understand the phenomenon of LGB in Iran by interviewing with over 400 individuals (60% male and 40% female) in 3 major Iranian cities: Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. For the first time ever in Iran, by using snowballing and Grounded Theory approach, a research was conducted during the course of one year to narrate the continuous struggle of Lesbian, Gays, and Bisexuals in Iran along with their struggle with law enforcement and legislation. This is the first study conducted inside Iran exploring the presence of LGB along with their agonies and pain and soon full version of this study will be published by a US publisher. Present research study contributes a unique dimension to the literature on LGB by focusing specifically on Iran. This article presents one aspect of a comprehensive study that demonstrates the prevalence of LGB in Iran and their agonies while struggling with the Islamic Sharia’s based law in the country. Research study presents an overview and exploration of the dynamics of LGB individuals in Iran that employs fieldwork as a base. This research study reveals to the readers that Iran is not an exception when it comes to prevalence of LGB and whilst homosexuality has gained greater social acceptance in many Western societies, it remains stigmatized, in most cases forbidden and potentially lethal in most Islamic countries.

LGB, Iran, Sharia, Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Homosexuality, Law, Legislation, Human Rights, LGBT, Homosexuality, Gay, lesbian, bio sexual, Gender

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