Swift Journal of Political Science and International Relations(SJPSIR)
March 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 001-004

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Original Research Paper

Clausewitz's Theory and Hybrid Warfare

Asso. Prof. Dr. Sait Yilmaz.

Yeditepe University istanbul-Turkey

*Corresponding Author E-mail: syilmaz39@hotmail.com

Accepted 21st March, 2016


Security and defence policies undergo a great transformation at the turn of 2015. The most important of all these policies are the fact that armies win no more wars and it is high time to ponder a new way out . The assertion of Clausewitz: "warfare is the continuation of politics by other means” is now contradictive as the war has gone far from offering a solution. In the war fields such as Serbia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, although localized combats are won and other instruments are used to reach the political means by the superior Western armament in the name of restoring international peace and safety, the target could not be reached. American army despite being defined as the topmost army, could not win the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Calculations show that Iraq war cost 10500 Dollars per American citizen. As for the Afghanistan operation, per each El Kaide member, 1.3 billion dollars are spent. The inclusion of Russia in the war, conspired in Syria, becomes the evidence of military hopelessness of the Western powers. Although America wins the military confrontations, they lose the war in the countries whose armies they clear off, that is, America cannot provide the political means. As they are in the countries where they go for imperialist purposes, they are considered as occupants and they are confronted with the extensive resistance movement from the people who have the moral support of defending their own country. Asymmetrical wars have shown that small groups can fight against the super powers with success.

Keywords: Clausewitz, Hybrid war, utility of force, military concepts

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