Swift Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (SJEMT)
May 2016 Vol. 2(2), pp. 005-010

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Original Research Paper

Investigation of Some Alloyed (Sg) Ductile Irons

Khidhair Jasim

Al-Mustaqbal university collage, Babylon, Iraq

*Corresponding Author E-mail: Khidhair_aljuboury@yahoo.com

Accepted 4th April, 2016


In this work we examined six grades of alloyed SG iron with bianitic Martensitic and pearlitic matrix structure according to PN- 76/H83142- polish standard. The alloying elements were Ni, Mo and Cu with moderate weight percentage. The chemical compositions of tested grades and metallographic examinations, also, hardness was tested, relative values of magnetic phase also tested. Investigation results and their discussions were included in this article the result showing the effects of those alloying elements on the structure and properties of tested grades of ductile iron. The main goals of this work were to indicate the results of each test such as chemical composition, structure, hardness of alloyed SGiron, and relative magnetic phase, to increase the knowledge's dealing with that growing importance material in different applications.

Keywords: Ductile iron, alloying, investigation.

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